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Well, is has been a while since I have written anything; my apologies for that, I blame the hot cross buns! Without a bun divider or bun former, or a conveyer belt style set up like the big bactories  ( what I call bakeries that are basically factories), all the buns are done lovingly by hand……however, it is very time consuming and I’m glad Easter is over!!! Hopefully everyone has enjoyed plenty of hot cross buns, ours or otherwise, plenty of chocolate, and had a great break with loved ones. We ourselves had a very exciting trip to the footy on Easter Sunday, with our little troop of Western Bulldogs supporters, that is, Greg and the boys, and Stella very undecided, and saw a great game with a very favourable result. We even got to have kick to kick on the ground after the game, which was a big thrill for us all!

So with hot cross buns done for the year, I am thinking of new things to do…..and while our capsicum and chilli loaf has been very popular over summer at markets, I am working on a loaf using winter veg now, to bring out over winter and keep things seasonal. It is fantastic to be able to use Thorpdale Organics beautiful beetroot in our Beetroot Loaf; I always enjoy seeing Tony and Wendy when I drop in to their farm every week, and picking up vegies from their Little Green Shed.

We are off to the Traralgon 50 Mile Farmers Market this Saturday with a variety of loaves, it would be lovely to see you there.

Now I’m off to take some hot cross buns out of the freezer, which I thoughtfully put there a few weeks ago, for feeding hungry fencers tomorrow. We are working towards getting our farm fenced a bit more efficiently, and also have a tree planting coming up in May to get ready for. Hot cross buns toasted will be a perfect smoko!

Oak and Swan Hot Cross Buns