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Winter is truly here, with some frosty mornings, beautiful sunny days, and cold rainy weather. It is a pleasure to walk into the bakery out of the dark in the morning and open the door of the oven to let some warmth from the coals out into the room. Things have slowed down with the cooler weather; the starter is slower and the bread slower to rise, the wheat slower to sprout. We are slowing down a little too, having a week off and heading away after Promcountry Farmers Market at Foster today. We will be back refreshed and relaxed in a week or so!

Also, there has been a slight change in our Seeds and Sprouts loaf. There are no sunflower seeds in it at the moment! This is due to there being no Australian organic sunflower seeds available until the next harvest, into next year. So we are leaving them out for now, and just putting in the brown and golden linseeds, and sprouted wheat. It’s still delicious!

Thank you for your understanding in these matters. Keep warm!