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loaves proving in the sun

Winter is here, and these loaves are soaking up a bit of warmth from the pale wintery sun coming through the bakery windows. Well, it looks that way anyway; really they are just waiting for me to put them in the trolley to prove. The shorter days and less light, let alone sunlight, mean the wheat isn’t sprouting as quickly, and it affects the bread too slightly, the cooler temperatures meaning the bread can take a bit longer to prove. Baking is busy, with new things coming along all the time, from ideas to stockists, and markets. We are looking forward to going to the Gippsland Makers Markets in Traralgon over winter, indoors, and it sounds like they will be great. We have had some beautiful early mornings and smoky sunsets this week. The oak trees have been slow to change colour, but the cooler nights this past week or so have seen them turn and begin to drop their leaves. They are majestic and beautiful in all seasons. It’s easy to lose yourself looking up at them. The kids love to bounce on the one branch which hangs down low.

Oak tree at Oak and Swan

Oak trees in late autumn

trunk detail, oak