Winter is coming….and new loaves…

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Winter is coming, just a few short, chilly days away! It is certainly nice to pull freshly baked fruit loaves like this from the hot oven on days like today! I have been really enjoying watching the rain stream down the windows of the bakery in the past few weeks, and seeing the paddocks green up and grow a little before the cold weather really sets in. It’s good to know this rain is soaking down into the dry sub soil and will help things grow when the weather warms after winter. I love watching the changing seasons from the bakery windows, where I can look out over our weedy but productive vegie garden, small but growing orchard, and half finished chook run/ orchard cage. The chooks are often scratching around and there is a growing variety of birds visiting. The sky is always changing behind the pines, giving a different colour and depth to the glimpses of hills between. The yellow-tailed black cockatoos are often in the pines; it’s great to see them winging stately above the paddocks and hear their calls as they feed on the pine cones.

There are changes in the bakery too, namely just a couple of new loaves coming along for the winter, and we also are taking our autumn loaf off for a while. Yes, the Apple, Oat and Sultana Loaf is off the menu so to speak. It has been very popular, and Lucas is quite disappointed as it’s his favourite at the moment. But with apple season drawing to a close, and citrus coming into their best, we are bringing an orange loaf along! So keep an eye out for our Orange and Muscatel loaf, with soaked rye grains, and toasted fennel and coriander seeds! it is a very bright, flavoursome loaf, lovely toasted with honey, or with cheese, or both together! And also, another one for winter a, potato loaf. This has cooked potatoes incorporated into our sifted wheat sourdough, with a little bit of thyme, and a lot of time, and a tiny hint of beautiful organic black pepper. A soft, moist, versatile bread.

We have also made a slight name change to our Sifted White sourdough, to Sifted Wheat Sourdough. Same dough, different name. This is because the sifted wheat sometimes comes through the mill and sifter slightly different, and is sometimes darker than others, although we take 20% bran out each time. This  reflects the changes in the grain and temperature and reflects the product itself better. It is, after all, a sifted wheat flour, not a white flour. So there will be a slight change to the labels for these loaves.

Thank you for your continued and fantastic support, without which we could not be! Keep warm and eat well!

toasty warm fire at Oak and Swan