A work of art

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oak and swan hanging detail

Recently, my creative and wonderful Granny made us a beautiful hanging to display on our market stall. After many hours of work, cutting of materials, placing of leaves and shaping of swans, sticking of pins and sewing, gluing and consultation, we hung the picture for the first time at the Mirboo North Arty Gras Market last Saturday. It looked beautiful hanging on the back wall of the marquee, swans and oaks on and around a blue stretch of water. The inspiration for the name of our bakery came from the two huge old oaks growing down at the big dam, at the site of the original homestead on the property, and the swans which come to the dam, some years to nest, other times just for a visit. Granny has done an amazing job, and it will be displayed at many markets for years to come. For those of you who visit Grow Lightly, you may have seen the wonderful hanging depicting all kinds of vegetables, also the work of Granny, otherwise known as Margaret, creator extraordinaire!

detail from hanging