Baking Again

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While baking today, I had some left over dough to use up, so I pressed out a 50% rye, 50% sifted wheat dough, and some whole wheat, quite flat, and let them proof to the point of almost over proving, before sprinkling seeds on and flattening out once more. Baked in a hot oven, we ended up with beautiful soft, chewy flatbreads for afternoon tea with homemade hummus. Yum! Often, the kids will make their own little loaves with leftover bits of dough, but they were down the farm fencing with Greg today, having a ball. Sourdough flatbread

I love this lovely warm, calm autumn weather; I am glad the bakery has big windows over looking the garden and orchard and the hills through the pines. We took a picnic down the dam for tea this evening. The swans were there. Walking down at the end of the day, I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful journey we are on; though it is a sometimes very busy and a little stressful life, to be able to work at home doing something we love, whether that be baking sourdough or fencing, with our children around being part of it, far outweighs the minor inconveniences, really.

Oak and SwansThe kids and I are off on deliveries tomorrow, finishing at the beach, while Greg is off plumbing around the place. It would seem tomorrow may be the last of the really warm days before, hopefully, lots of rain! Enjoy it 🙂